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Committee on Capacity and Utilization        Amy Ming Tsai, Co-Chair & Andrea Daniels, Co-Chair

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The Purpose of the Committee on Capacity and Utilization reviews city-wide, statistical information put out by the NYC Department of Education. These statistics are viewed with the DOE's Division of Space Management and the needs and goals of District 75 schools. Because our students have differing needs especially in-related services, D75 students require spacing and facility requirements different from general education students.  As with general education students, this committee's goal is to assure all D75 schools and off-sites are equipped with the appropriate facilities so our students may thrive in their learning environment to the best of their capabilities. To that end, we visit schools for information as well as review contracts and budgets earmarked for renovations to assure future D75 schools and off-sites are appropriately funded and are included in the planning process of new school construction as well as renovations of existing schools.
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