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Mission: to disseminate and publicize council information and other relevant issues to the community through flyers, newsletters, the council’s webpage, social media accounts, local newspapers, and presentations during council meetings. The Outreach Committee helps establish partnerships and reach for the council, develops the Annual End of the Year Celebration and The Annual Service Award Celebration


Committee on Outreach

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Christi Angel
Outreach Committee Chair


If you would like to be a part of the outreach committee please email (please cc:

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 The CCD75 Committee on Outreach continues the important mission of seeing, hearing, and connecting families to valuable resources, workshops, and information.


  • This year the Outreach Committee succeeded in hosting our inaugural “CCD75 Special Education Parent Empowerment Conference.

  • Created inaugural end-of-the-year “CCD75 Fun Day” in partnership with NYC Parks & Recreation at Bloomberg Playground- “The universally accessible playground was inspired by the spectrum of human ability and the idea that mobility and perception of all kinds are extendable by use of visual, auditory and mechanical devices.”

  • New Council domain established “”

  • New landing & event pages were created for additional reach & increase in traffic flow to the council website

  • Backup creation of a secondary FB social media page for parent engagement

  • Management of social media pages- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube- the creation of events and parent engagement/advocacy online.

  • A new council YouTube page establishedQuick Link Resources were created for council committees such as Outreach, Inclusion, Safety, Busing, and Transition (ease of access is a priority)

  • Increase in the newsletter, online following, and email listserv distribution

  • Legacy established with the council by the creation of email addresses and templates for committees that can be passed forward to support future incoming council members' advocacy.

  • Resource pamphlets creation- ‘CCD75: Who We Are”, “What is District 75?”, ‘Transition Services”- distributed at the CCD75 events and online.

  • File Share portal created on council page for members only and separately for attendees of CCD75 meetings to utilize in transparency and efficiency collectively

  • Creation of Distribution list for Annual Report

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Annual Outreach Report SY 2021-2022
CCD75 Newsletters

The Outreach Committee will continue to support families experiencing adverse events and struggles within the school system by providing advocacy and information on multiple platforms and levels. Our committee is committed to equity and is dedicated to supporting families in acquiring knowledge in their journeys. Please read the committee's Annual Report below. 

Committee Reports



Office for People with Development Disabilities 

As a family member, you can get help to support your loved one in the family home with the assistance of respite and other family support services. If you are a person with developmental disabilities who wants to live independently in your community, you can find employment training and support, volunteer opportunities and other types of community engagement.


Parent to Parent: Resource

Parent to Parent of New York State builds a supportive network of families to reduce isolation and empower those who care for people with developmental disabilities or special healthcare needs to navigate and influence service systems and make informed decisions.

District 75 


Contact the council

Outreach Archives 

+ additonal resources

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Committee on Outreach Notes:
CCD75 Outreach Committee Report-
July to September 2019: HERE
CCD75 Outreach Committee Report- September to December 2019:  HERE
CCD75 Outreach Committee Report-
January to March 2020: HERE
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Office of Special Education OSE Fact She
 A Continuation of Links to help our Friends and Families of District 75 during the Duration of the COVID-19 Outbreak:

Soup Kitchens and Food Pantries by Borough: 


Manhattan Food Pantries.

Residents in Manhattan can turn to food banks and pantries for assistance. Dozens of locations around the region provide low income families and anyone who needs help with free groceries, emergency boxes of food, and other support. Soup kitchens around Manhattan can serve people a hot meal, lunch or breakfast.

Many of the soup kitchens and pantries are located at churches and charities. They are open limited hours and while they will try not to turn anyone away who meets qualifications, the assistance they offer is focused on people in the general area. So you will need to live near the pantry or soup kitchen in Manhattan in order to get help from it.

Some of what may be offered at these centers includes free boxes of food, groceries, perishable items, government commodities, and baby formula. Locations will often have volunteers or social workers on site who can help people apply for food stamps or refer clients to other government assistance programs in New York. For example, learn about food stamps, WIC, or where to turn to for holiday meals. Call for hours and qualifications of a non-profit center near you. HERE



Parents and special education teachers often have difficulty finding new tactics to provoke a love for learning in children with learning disabilities. Fast-advancing technology has made the Internet one of the best resources for discovering entertaining activities that teach as well as excite children. Educational websites assist children with learning disabilities master basic skills in reading and math or advanced concepts like calculus. To help with that process, the following are 12 Websites For Children with Learning Disabilities, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, and visual motor deficit. HERE


An excellent resource for parents with children on the Autism Spectrum. Parents with children with special needs know that staying on the course of learning is important. Founded by a team with education and special needs backgrounds in collaboration with experts. Sign up for 30-day free access where you can set lessons and then review and learn from their progress. HERE


Making the Most of COVID-19 School Closures: HERE


NYC Department of Educations: The Morning Bell: HERE


The anticipated family guidance for remote learning is now available on our website. Please visit: 


Please refer to this site for answers to questions and requests for clarification.  As new information becomes available, we will be posting new content at this location.  We also continue to work on questions shared by the group and will share additional responses as soon as they are released. 


Specialized Instruction and Student Supports. Please Visit:


Coronavirus Updates:


DOE website coronavirus update:


DOE Facebook:


DOE Twitter:


New York City is making every decision through the lens of making sure people’s fundamental needs can continue to be met during the COVID-19 outbreak. New Yorkers with disabilities are at the forefront of our minds as we evaluate next steps, and it is vital we preserve the services and care that this community requires to live independent lives.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitant to contact the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities in the following ways:

Thank you,

Early Learning and Development: (see below)


Department of Early Education and Care/WGHB: Resource for Early Learning-Play Time:



Department of Early Education and Care/WGHB: Brain Building in Process Resource for Early Learning- Time to Pretend


Penn State Extension: Nurturing Learning- Play and Music


Vanderbilt University: Playing with Your Child: 


Vanderbilt University: Teacher Strategy - Asking for a Turn


Vanderbilt Peabody College: Resource for Care Givers:


DYCD has created a Virtual Resources Directory to support families and community-based

organizations in keeping youth fully engaged through the end of summer.  The resource

directory contains information on Arts & Culture, Communication, Design, Education & Learning,

Museums, Math, Science, and many other opportunities for young people.

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NYC Education Dept. Releases New Details on Contingency Plans for Food and Childcare Amid Coronavirus School Shutdown: HERE

FAQ: What you should know about NYC’s plan to shutter schools: HERE


 List of Service Providers and Agencies Citywide HERE
 I.E.P. Meeting Tip Sheet. Before the Meeting. Bronx Legal Services NYC. English Here
I.E.P. Meeting Tip Sheet. Before the Meeting. Bronx Legal Services NYC. Spanish HERE
Legal Services NYC . Do you Need Help in English and Spanish HERE
Your Rights When A School Calls 911 on Your Child. English HERE
Your Rights When A School Calls 911 on Your Child. Spanish HERE
Office of Special Education (OSE) Educational Partnership Q&A HERE
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