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CCD75 Standing Committees

What is a standing committee?


Standing Committee is a permanent committee with a regular meeting schedule and designated subjects. The primary purpose of standing committees is to consider and recommend actions as well as provide pertinent information to our families.

All committees are open to the public. If you would like to join a committee please  email the council at

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Standing Committees: (working descriptions)


            Committee on Outreach:

The Purpose of the Committee on Outreach will disseminate and publicize council information and other relevant issues to the community through flyers, newsletters, the council’s webpage and social media accounts, local newspapers, and presentations during council meetings. The Outreach Committee develops the Annual End of the Year Celebration, The Parent Empowerment Conference and The Annual Service Award Celebration.   



​              Committee on Busing & Safety:

The Purpose of the Committee on Busing and Safety provides district-wide, advisory oversight of students using all modes of transportation other than transportation provided in a parent's private vehicle. The committee is also charged with advisory oversight of student safety in and around District 75 schools.  We advocate for parents, caregivers as well as school personnel where student busing and student safety are concerned.  We disseminate pertinent information relating to these issues, recommend changes to chancellor rules and regulations, and, when necessary, recommend legislative changes to New York State statutes.


             Committee on Bylaws 

The Purpose of the Committee on Bylaws are to reviews and proposes amendments to the Citywide Education Council for District 75 Bylaws. The council's bylaws can be found here.



             Committee on Capacity and Utilization:   

The Purpose of the Committee on Capacity and Utilization reviews city-wide, statistical information put out by the NYC Department of Education. These statistics are viewed with the DOE's Division of Space Management and the needs and goals of District 75 schools. Because our students have differing needs especially in related services, D75 students require spacing and facility requirements different from general education students.  As with general education students, this committee's goal is to assure all D75 schools and off-sites are equipped with the appropriate facilities so our students may thrive in their learning environment to the best of their capabilities. To that end, we visit schools for information as well as review contracts and budgets earmarked for renovations to assure future D75 schools and off-sites are appropriately funded and are included in the planning process of new school construction as well as renovations of existing schools.



            Committee on Student Transition and Workforce Planning:

The Purpose of the Committee on Student Transition and Workforce Planning functions to integrate advocacy and supportive roles for parents, teachers, and students transitioning from the NYC Department of Education to vocational settings in the workforce.  The committee is equally involved with supporting teachers, families and students transition from NYC schools to their selection of full-time day programs. Concurrent with other New York State and city agencies as well as federal programs, the committee actively engages and endeavors to enlist business leaders and decision maker’s opportunities for vocational training placement with an eventual goal of employing District 75 graduates. 

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