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Resolving Disputes: 

Resolving Parents Concerns and Issues Where to go for results: 

If you have concerns with the special education services your child is receiving, there are steps to take to resolve those issues. Resolving Concerns About Your Child's Special Education Services discusses the steps and alternatives to resolving issues in an effective, timely manner.

Special Education Mediation, a booklet published by CADRE, is aimed at parents and family members. It provides an overview of the mediation process and how it works. Included is information on the benefits of mediation and how to prepare for mediation.​

Special Education Mediation: a Manual of Guidelines and Procedures is a manual that provides guidelines as to how mediation is practiced in New York City.
The Resolution Session
Prior to an impartial hearing, IDEA requires that the parents and school district meet in an effort at trying to reach a resolution. This meeting is called a Resolution Meeting. The Resolution Meeting a Guide for Parents, available at the link below, will help readers have a better understanding of the resolution meeting, what to expect, the process, and your rights.​
Impartial Hearings
Advocates for Children's Short Guide To Impartial Hearings gives an overview for parents of their due process rights, the impartial hearing process and how to prepare for a hearing.
Impartial Hearing Process for Students with Disabilities is published by the New York State Education Department. It is does not reflect the amendments to IDEA as revised in 2004.
When there are clear violations of an IEP, one method of resolving this matter is a complaint to New York State Department of Education. The link below outlines the procedures for making a complaint.

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