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These items are documents we received during training's, meetings or located on the internet. Click on the document to open and read.

Resources for Children with Special Needs: After Schools & More (2nd Edition)

Special Education Frequently Asked Questions

Sandi: Student Annual Needs Determination Inventory

School Help for Homeless Children with Disabilities. Information for Parents

Strengthening NYC Early Childhood Education & After-School System

2015-16 District Comprehensive Education Plan (DCEP)

NYC DOE Assisted Technology. A Family Guide

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's New NY Education Reform Commission

A Transition Guide. To Post Secondary Education and Employment for Students & Youth with Disabilities

NYC DOE. Students with Disabilities Transitioning From Preschool to School-Age Program.

Conducting Board Meetings in Full Compliance with Parliamentary Procedures

Safe Havens. Protecting & Supporting NYS Immigrant Students Implementation Plan for the Reform of Special Education. A Two-Year phase-in Process Focusing on the Advancement of Student Learning & Achievement

IncludeNYC. Exploring Disability as Part of Identity What It Means to You and Your Child

Local Laws of The City of New York for the Year 2016. No.27

Introductory Session on NYC DOE Budget District 75

NYC DOE 2016 Comprehensive Education Planning Conference. Planning for Success Through Equity & Excellence

Policy and Investigative Report. Denial of Service

Legal Services NYC. Interpreting Justice. Language Access in the NY Courts

Special Education Services. As Part of A Unified Service Delivery System

​Culturally Responsive Education. A Primer for Policy & Practice

Needs, Wants, Wishes and Dreams. Programs & Services the Bring Relief to Parents & Caregivers of Children with Disabilities & the Professionals who Support Them

​Equity & Excellence for All. Diversity in NYC Public Schools

Policy Report. Our Schools, Our Voices. CEC Appointees' Survey on English Language Learners & Special Education Services

NY State Education Department Special Class Variances Request Instructions & Sample Variances Request

An Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure

Partnership for New York City. Progress Report on New York City School Reform. September 2005

Improving Special Education in NYC District 75. Report of the Strategic Support Team of the Council of the Great City Schools. June 2008

NYC DOE Children First. A Bold, Common-Sense Plan to Create Great Schools. for all Children. January 2007

Overworked, Underutilized. November 2008

Recommendations on School Governance. March 2009

A New Day for Parental Engagement. Reforming & Empowering Community Education Councils. March 2009

NYC DOE Medicaid Compliance Plan Dec. 1, 2009

AHRC. New York City Facility Directory. January 2010

Consensus For Reform. A Plan for Collaborative School Co-Locations. July 2011

NYC DOE. The District 75 Special Education Teacher Support Services(SETSS) Provider Handbook. Aug. 2006. Revised June 2012

NYS Department of Health Bureau of Early Intervention. Best Practice Protocol for Early Screening of Youth Children for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) July 2013

NYC DOE Kindergarten. An Orientation Guide for Families of Students with Disabilities Entering Kindergarten Fall, 2014


Unmet Need For Seats in New 2015-2019 Capital Plan. April 23, 2014

Advocates for Children. Know Your Rights. September 2015

Advocates for Children Guide to Special Education Impartial Hearings. October 2015

Securing Equal Educational Opportunity. 2016

Supporting Our Schools. A Study of  NYS Foundation Aid & Recommendations for Legislative Action for School Year 2017-2018. Oct. 3, 2016

Advocates for Children Turning 5. A Guide to the Transition from Preschool Special Education to Kindergarten. November 2016

Obstacles and Opportunities. Creating Career and Technical Education Pathways for Students with Disabilities, Dec. 2016

NYC DOE Local Law 27 of 2015 Annual Report on Special Education School Year 2014-2015. Feb. 29, 2016

Education Law Center. Reducing Class size in NYC. Promise vs. Practice. June 2016

NYC DOE Wellness Policy. 2017

Citywide Behavioral Expectations To Support Learning. Grades K-5 Effective April 2017

AccessibleNYC. An Annual Report on the State of People with Disabilities Living in NYC, 2017 Edition

OPWDD Stakeholders June 30, 2017

Report to the Governor. Keep the Promise. Community-based Housing for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Aug. 14, 2017


Welcome to Kindergarten November & December 2017


Teachers College Essential Resources December 2017

NYC DOE Special Education in NYC. Preparing for your Role as a Parent Leader. June 2017


NYC DOE Office of District Planning. August 14, 2017

Preschool Special Education Services 2017-2018


School Overcrowding & The New Five-Year Capital Plan Presentation to CPAC October 11, 2018

Advocates for Children of NY. Data Brief. Access Denied. School Accessibility in NYC. October 2018

IEP Translation Pilot Presentation March 6. 2019

NYC DOE School Budgets . SY 2019-2020. Feb.-March 2019

Special Education Standard Operating Procedures Manual




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